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Training Camps

Andalo Life Park features different facilities catering for several sportive activities and it is managed by a single society: don’t you think that this is the ideal premise in order to organise the perfect training camp?!


Many sportive societies decide to make their champions-to-be in Andalo Life Park; more precisely in our competition swimming pool, ice rink and gym. Andalo Life Park’s motto for any type of workout is: Sport and have fun!

Andalo Life Park’s forte is the fact that all its facilities are gathered in a unique area: a feature that is praised by many sportive societies, because it enables the athletes to keep on training without having to move from place to place. Everything you will need, will be in Andalo Life Park, or at worst in Andalo, which is really close to it.


Every year great sportive societies choose Andalo Life Park for their training camps, because their aim is to train their team while benefiting from the fresh air of our mountains and because they want all the services they need at their fingertips. Andalo Life Park is therefore glad to house them in its facilities.


For information and reservations, please contact Andalo Life Park (Andalo Gestioni).

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