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Andalo Life Park - Villette - Tana dell'Ermellino - Andalo Life Park

travel time:

difficulty: MEDIO-FACILE

length: 7 km (partenza e arrivo dal Parco Sportivo)

This itinerary crosses the village of Andalo, past the Dolomiti square toward the Rindole locality (where the ski resort is). From here the itinerary merges into a path leading to the Villette (small villas) locality and reaches an old fountain.


From here the trail goes past the Toscana hamlet, turns right, and dips down crossing the meadows. Eventually, it merges into the path toward the Priori locality: in this last stretch of road the biker should watch for the uneven terrain, particularly if it rains or after it.


Download for free on you pc Google Earth ( click “google earth download” on When installed download from this site the routes to visualize in KML and safe it on your pc. Use Google Earth to open.

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Back on the main street, the trail continues for another 50 meters and then turns into a path leading to the Tana dell’Ermellino (the stoat’s den), from where it is easy to reach Andalo Life Park.


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