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Bike Itinerary

At Andalo Life Park, since summer 2014, you can rent new and handy e-bikes.

At first sight they look like common mountain bikes, but the difference these e-bikes make is relevant: less physical exertion!


Scott electric bikes are pushing e-bike design forward by combining striking and robust frames with the latest and most powerful Bosch drive system. The motor (and normally the battery too) is mounted in the middle of the frame for a low centre of gravity. These bikes offer you an extra push via rechargeable, electric assist motor, so that instead of focusing on cycling, you can enjoy your ride and the stunning landscapes of our itineraries.


Thanks to the Twinloc Technology, suspension elements can be adjusted remotely from the bars to the changing terrain. This technology works on the motor and simultaneously on the Bosh battery, whose autonomy is about 200 km!

Following this description you will find several itineraries of the Paganella upland that cater for different riding abilities. The starting point of the following itineraries is Andalo Life Park.

Itineraries’ levels of difficulty:

Easy level: everybody can cycle along these itineraries; these trails are usually plain and do not present any difficulty. Anyhow, the stretches of road that require the biker’s attention will be signalled.

Medium level: this type of itinerary requires the rider to be careful and to always watch for critical stretches of roads. In any case, you don’t need to be professionally trained in order to ride on these trails.

Hard level: these itineraries require the biker to be particularly well-trained and to carefully watch for uneven stretches of road.


It is possible to download the map of each itinerary (in the gpx and kml formats) directly on your smartphone or on your GPS.


The trails’ outlines are approximately drawn; Andalo Life Park will not be responsible for the trails’ possible alterations due to climatic conditions, works in progress, or for any other causality.


Andalo Life Park wants to thank Andalo’s association of bikers known as “Quei delle rode grase” for being the inspirers of the following itineraries and for their help in drawing the GPS trails.

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