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Other Sport Activities

For other activities and workouts you can use AcquaIN Fitness gym’s rehearsal room with wall mirrors (“BodyFit Gym).

The gym of Andalo’s primary school is also available and is 600 meters far from Andalo Life Park.

This multifunctional gym is 25x16 meters wide and 11 meters high. It also features two dressing rooms.


Everybody knows that open-air workouts give a holistic feeling of wellness. For this reason you should do them in Andalo Life Park, which features a “Percorso Vita (Life Course)” that looks like a gym en plein-air with several exercise instructions and green spots for any type of free workouts.


To complete the offer, Andalo Life Park gives you the possibility to enjoy a walk around the lake of Andalo and along many other natural paths and hiking trails.

The abovementioned trails, paths and walks are free.

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