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Andalo Life Park gives any tourist the possibility to gradually start practicing climbing by featuring an outdoor artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet. The wall is located in the heart of Andalo Life Park and thus surrounded by its greenery. Anyone can safely begin to practice this activity by following the professional advices given by Andalo’s expert Alpine Guides.

It is possible to book climbing lessons.

Climbing wall manager and information:

Opening Activity Trentino 0461 585353 - 340 2507108 :

from 03/07 to 11/09:  monday 10.00-12.00 / 16.00-18.30

Opening Guide Cavosi e Giovanetti 337 208512 :

from 22/06 to 07/09: Tuesday and Thursday 16.00-18.30

Opening  Kristal  333 6517013:

from 28/06 to 01/09: Wednesday and friday 16.00-18.30

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