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Facilities, Services, Activities

Andalo Life Park, being 130.000 square meters wide, is an extensive recreational and sportive park located in the proximity of Andalo’s centre (1050 meters AMSL).

Andalo Life Park's main facility is AcquaIN: SWIMMING POOLS, WELLNESS, BEAUTY, UVA SOLARIUM, AND FITNESS, open eleven months a year.


In Andalo Life Park you will be able to practice many activities during the winter and summer seasons. Here you can:

- do some SPORT: ice-skating, playing tennis, biking, playing football, climbing, playing boules, track and field, going horse-riding, running and doing open-air workouts, and Nordic skiing during the winter. You can also play basketball, volleyball and other activities in the gym.

- relax and have fun: AcquaIN swimming pools, beach volley court, 18 holes pitch-and-putt, recreation ground, Snow-Tubing (Winter Park), Babyland (Inflatable bouncers), Baby Cars’ circuit, gallery of nativity scenes, rec room, bar and cinema.

-campand enjoy other multifunctional facilities such as the Convention Hall and the Youth Aggregation Centre, where you can either join the Mini- or Maxi-clubs, or enjoy special events, activities and performances organised by our team of entertainers.

You can do all these activities while constantly being surrounded by Andalo’s natureand the Brenta Dolomites.

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