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About Us

Andalo Life Park is managed by Andalo Gestioni (previously Andalo Gestione Vacanze), which is a society having only a single partner: Andalo’s municipality. Andalo Gestioni manages the main facilities and services of Andalo’s park since 1989.

Our experience is our strength, and we still work every day to grant our visitors remarkable experiences in Andalo.

We work in partnership with other authorities and societies of the Paganella upland in order to develop new solutions and innovate our offers.

We care for the opinions and suggestions of our visitors and fellow citizens:

Andalo Gestioni Srl., one-partner society, C.F. and P.I. 02214180222 This society is subjected to the management and coordination of Andalo’s Municipality C.F. and P.I. 00319630224.

C/o ANDALO Life PARK | Viale del Parco, 1 | 38010 ANDALO TN

tel. +39 0461 585776 |

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